Haji Ajmal Ali

The Man behind the Radical Transformation

Haji Ajmal Ali, the philanthropist passed away on in to the shores of eternal glory on 17th February, 2009. The renowned business icon was also known as the ‘Charity King’. His heart always cried for the poor and needy and always wanted to make his service available to the society. He rightly understood that education is an important media to instill idealism in the minds of the young generation. He said education can change an individual and when an individual is transformed the society is transformed and towards this initiative, he directed his energy. Growth and Changes are signs of life. Because of his initiative, values and vision, the humble beginnings of humanitarian activities made decades ago have risen manyfold and now affecting the lives of countless people. After his departure for heavenly abode, the Charity Works are being carried out by his most obedient, generous sons for a healthy and harmonious society. – Haji Ajmal Ali

The Great Visionaries for Markaz Academies

Maulana Badruddin Ajmal

M. Badruddin Ajmal

CEO of Ajmal CSR

M Badruddin Ajmal, Honourable MP, Dhubri and Md. Sirajuddin Ajmal along with the entire Ajmal Family are the Patrons of Markazul Ma’arif. It has been running numerous poverty alleviation programmes and other social welfare schemes to bring about a positive change in the society. In that direction, our patrons envisioned more than two decades ago to provide quality education that will blend modern dynamism and traditional values. With that objective in mind, Markaz Academies were established across the length and breadth of Assam. Today, Markaz Academies have become a beacon of good education in the entire region. Our patrons believe that with education the darkness of ignorance can be vanquished. Markaz Academies have been following this motto of eradicating ignorance with good education.

Sirajuddin Ajmal

Md. Sirajuddin Ajmal

Joint CEO of Ajmal CSR